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Quest PowerCool 12 Pro Portable Air Conditioner

The Quest PowerCool 12 Pro portable air conditioner delivers one ton (12,000 BTUs) of cooling capacity operating in 95°F and 60%RH conditions while drawing under 12 amps. With the 430 CFM airstream, the PowerCool 12 Pro boasts a 15 degree temperature drop and water removal equivalent to 100 pints per day.

The Quest PowerCool 12 Pro gives the technician or contractor vital temperature control in the working area, creating and maintaining a comfortable and safe environment on the jobsite. When conditions are extremely hot and out of the operating range of refrigerant dehumidifiers, the PowerCool 12 Pro should be used. The Quest PowerCool 12 Pro features thermostatically controlled cooling to insure maintenance of desired conditions and prevent potential over-cooling. Set-up and operation is simple using only a 15-amp outlet.


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Part No.: 4030760
Power: 11.7 Amps, 110V
Water Removal: 100 Pints/Day
@80°F, 60%RH
144 Pints/Day
@90°F, 90%RH
Blower: 430 CFM
W x H x D:
20.25″ x 40″ x 21.4″
Weight: 142 Lbs.

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