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Quest PowerHeat HFC 100 and 200 Fan Coils

The Quest PowerHeat HFC 100 Pro and Quest PowerHeat HFC 200 Pro hydronic fan coils for glycol heating systems provide the most efficient and versatile heat source for climate control applications. Quest PowerHeat hydronic fan coils, when coupled to any glycol central heat system, will deliver safe, efficient, and even heat to any project. 

  The Quest PowerHeat HFC 100 Pro provides 100,000 BTU/hr and 950 CFM, while the HFC 200 Pro delivers 200,000 BTU/hr and 2300 CFM.  Quest hydronic fan coils are engineered to be the most efficient, most rugged, and most portable hydronic fan coils made. In addition, Quest hydronic fan coils are thermostatically controlled, allowing the user to set the optimal temperature for each project.

  Unlike direct-fired heaters, Quest hydronic fan coils completely isolate the heat source from combustion byproducts.  This not only provides a safer heat source on the job site, but also eliminates the need for outside air ventilation, saving money on fuel costs. The Quest PowerHeat HFC 100 Pro and HFC 200 Pro will help provide the necessary air quality to meet stringent OSHA air quality standards and address health, safety and welfare issues for construction job sites.


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Part No.: 4034330
Heat Capacity: 100,000 BTUs
Airflow: 950 CFM
Power: 1.8 Amps, 110V


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Part No.: 4029425
Heat Capacity: 200,000 BTUs
Airflow: 2,300 CFM
Power: 5.7 Amps, 110V

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